Fertility…. Our Journey

There are many blogs, forums etc out there where people share their experiences and stories about fertility, infertility, baby loss and miscarriage.

I am merely just another in a large pond…. but I want to help raise awareness, get people talking.  I’ve hung my head in shame for long enough about what we’ve gone through, what I’ve gone through, and enough is enough.

It must be no more taboo to discuss infertility than it is taboo to discuss any other silent condition (and apologies as I know that’s the wrong word and I am not comfortable using it, but I’m hoping if you’re reading this you will know what I mean).

I am therefore, sharing my experiences, my story, my memories and my hope and fight on for the future.

I’ve written these sometimes in one big brain dump and therefore there may be lots of posts all at the same time, or sometimes with some large gaps of time, or even sometimes I’ve written these and just not had the courage to press “publish” until I’ve had a life/experience trigger.

Read what you want, how you want and when you want.  I’m also happy to receive your stories, emails etc anything that would start the dialogue and not keep the topic in the dark.


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