So today (I wrote this last week) my heart breaks twice. Once for the terrible events at Manchester Arena, for the families affected and all those impacted. But also for my own loss.  Yesterday was my beta HCG test day, day 14 post embryo transfer, and the home pregnancy test was negative.  One solid blue... Continue Reading →


Not Quite Straight

My last post talked about the hysteroscopy, and what the consultant found, that is a U shaped septum in my Uterus. Since then, I developed a post-Op (even though it was more a procedure than an Op) infection, had terrible wind, had the most horrific period (or round of bleeding) yet, and felt like someone... Continue Reading →


Yesterday (I wrote this back in October but never had the courage to publish) I underwent a procedure that has changed my perspective on everything, it's given me real Clarity as I now absolutely trust my consultant without hesitation, know for sure that the NHS isn't the right place for me just now, and understand... Continue Reading →

My Beginning

No one expects when you're in your 20s and you feel like you still have your whole life ahead of you, to hear your doctor say "you've had a suspected ectopic pregnancy, and you may have them each time you try to get pregnant". To be honest, for the next few years after that I... Continue Reading →

My Declaration

I've thought for a long time about documenting my journey, but never actually sat down to do it.  Mostly because in my head I was thinking "Who would be interested in reading about me, and my story?" but after the experiences I've had, I've realised, it doesn't matter. This is a platform for me and my... Continue Reading →

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